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Trudeau your foto wasn´t racist

por maria sou, em 19.09.19




My english is quite limited. In spite of that,  i´ll try to make myself clear.

If he was racist, he would never had painted is faced darker.

When does peole stop will stop to be stupid and use everything to distort it the way they want to be understood.

We can´t say black, we must say neger. Well, i´m not white or whitish, i´m beije. If I say black that´s because I meant to refer african ethenia. And I usual say, african people. I don´t mention the colour. 

I usual talk hopenely of racist usues, things that hapen to black people, even if african people are listening. In the begining, they feel shoked listening to me, but then they understand that I treat everyone with respect not being condescending. That would mean that I felt superior. So, I talk about things with prejudice, I talk about things the way they must be meant, hopenely with respect.

It´s time to stop making victims, it´s time to include. 

It´s time to talk hopenely about what happened, what still hapens, so we can all move on and make a new story. Not forget or pretend it wasn´t so bad. Move on, as we do when bad things happen to us in our daily life, and we keep going on.

A few days a go, a coleague (african) was surprise because after she told us an attitude of a woman to her, i answeard that it had nothing to do with the tone of the skin, or the diference of age, or because she is a woman. It happened because it´s the way portuguese go before getting better aquaintace with the other.

First, she almost jumped, then she understood she probably was jumping into standard conclusions and that maybe there are more explanations than keep "strocking the guy already on the floor".

Releave the tension about things. Let guiltys reboot of their condition, let victims breath deep of releave as they are free of chains, let´s walk together to a new day. There will be always mean people disturbing people from other origin, disturbing ugly or short peole, shy people, helpless people. There will be always people feeling bad with themselves wanting blaming other people for that and crying for their attention.

Let´s be racional and don´t distorce what is what it is.

Feeling that the world sometimes play the saint while hiding a stone behind their back,

Maria Sou

Vermelho e preto

por maria sou, em 27.02.17


Vermelho e preto são duas cores poderosas.Juntas, são dois pontos de atração.

Para além disso, uma peça marcadamente de inverno e outra de verão, fazem um contraste ainda mais chocante.

Quanto mais rebuscado for o design de um vestido já de si vermelho, mais tudo o resto deve passar despercebido, para realçar a beleza do vestido, em vez de criar muitos centros de atenção.

Uma sandália que se aproxime do tom de pele, bege.

Um choque e' suficiente.

O vermelho já choca por si só, Mas pode ser usado casualmente e com bom gosto, em vez de acentuar a ideia de vistoso e provocante, por ser naturalmente garrido.

Maria Sou