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Sexual harassment - Catherine Deneuve vs Black Hollywood

por maria sou, em 16.01.18

If there is one thing I hate, it is a person who will contest another, without knowing what the other one has been through.

Ms. Catherine Deneuve has come to contest the allegations of harassment of Hollywood women, and I will safeguard future harassment accusations from Hollywood men, because they will also be, as if they were all stupid and did not know what they were talking about.

The women accused, many men supported, the accuse ones remained silent, but Catherine Deneuve, in Portuguese, Catarina, defended them.

I do not know what role they would have offered her in exchange for this position, despite the advanced age and obvious plastic operations that deformed her face even more than the years.

My lady, dear Catherine Deneuve, everyone knows what a grace is, a wink, a caress with sexual content, and everyone knows what it's like to be receptive to it or not. Also everyone knows, that coercion between, "you have work if ... or you go without work, income and hunger, despite all the merit you may have".

I do not know what circumstances in Mrs. Catherine's life in Portuguese, Catarina Deneuve, have shuffled all those values. This is not our case.

Chivalry, my dear, do not touch us as if you were in the fruit market. It is to carry us with vanity and watch over us so that we grow up lush and unique.
Chivalry is knowing not to impose itself, to be entitled to.
The work, it is a right to which it has the qualifications to perform it, not a benefit to a coercion.
Hence, perhaps, the low quality of artistic productions that have been exhibited, in terms of cinema, music and other so proclaimed arts

I can say even more. Harassment will not end, as long as, there are abusers of power. The harassment will end, when there are no longer opportunities for people without merit, that offer their body to get what they think they are good at, and that they are not choose just because there are running against a lot of other contesters.
To these people, my dear Catherine Deneuve, it is called. what they are in fact, losers. To not say worst. And to those who do not give in, it is called Fighers, WITH DIGNITY, but self-esteem. People that know their real value.

. Worlds loss.

My thanks to Hollywood women, such as Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Reese Whitherspoon, and also, to all those not so well-known men and women who supported this cause, because we know that solutions start when influent people embraces the causes.

Maria I am openly against female or male harassment and reportedly against Catherine Deneuve.

Assédio Sexual - Catherine Deneuve vs Hollywook

por maria sou, em 16.01.18

Se há coisa que detesto, é uma pessoa que venha contestar outra, sem saber aquilo pelo que a outra pessoa passou.